Thursday, January 8, 2015


a friend of our's made this video for corey! he's on cloud NINE & LOVES it!

Click the link above if the video doesn't work ;)

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick Trip.

I didn't keep up with my survey total last month as life has just been BUSY!  I've slacked on coupon trips, but now that I have my husband home for awhile, I can get back into it.  Made a quick trip to Farm Fresh just for the freebies!

ALL FREE!  Only paid tax!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Time to CASH in......

I had a REALLY good month!  Now that school has started & football season is here, I'm not sure I will do as well, but we'll see ;)  

Swagbucks: $65 Amazon Gift Cards, $50 Paypal

Valued Opinions: $20 Macy's Gift Card

Acop: $54.10 Paypal

I-Say: $25 Paypal

SurveySavvy: $9 Check

I-Poll: $25 Amazon Gift Card

E-Rewards: $25 Game Stop E-Gift Card

*These next two are not survey sites but easy ways to make money.  Ebates gives you cash back for certain stores when you shop online.  Why not get paid something back if your shopping online?  Also, Ibotta pays you for certain grocery items you may purchase.  One thing that seems to always be on there is milk.  All I do is use the app and take a picture of the receipt, scan the barcode, and wait for them to credit me the amount.

Ebates: $10.73 Paypal

Ibotta: $12 Paypal

Total: $295.83!!!!

That is AMAZING!  It really doesn't take that much work to do.  I normally spend maybe an hour a day, while doing other things too.  Swagbucks is the easiest for me to do. I can run the apps on my cell phone a good portion of the day while I'm working & make goals.  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Farm Fresh Deals.

a few deals I scored this past wednesday:

4 Cesar Dog Food: FREE
1 Sharpie Highlighters: FREE
4 Suave: FREE (had rainchecks)
2 Yakiosoba: FREE
5 Pop-Secret Popcorn: .29 each
2 Kraft Dressing: FREE
1 Kraft Sliced Cheese: .50
2 Kraft Shredded Cheese: FREE

Total: $1.95 plus tax

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Summer is FLYING by!  I didn't do as well this month on surveys, as I did previous months but we've been BUSY!  Corey is playing on a new football team, which takes more time & more dedication.  Four nights a week we are out at the fields, but we love it!  Little Eric has decided he wants to try soccer so we're currently try to find a place/team for him to try that out.  Anyways, on to the $$

Swagbucks: $50 Paypal, $25 Amazon, & $35 Walmart Gift Card

I-Poll: $50 Paypal

Valued Opinions: $20 Macy's Gift Card

Total: $180!

*Swagbucks has been by far the most helpful.  It's SUPER easy.  I have 2 mobile apps that I run while I'm at work.  Sometimes they may get hung up on an ad, but it pretty much earns the swagbucks with no effort from me.  Those apps combined total 170 swagbucks!  


I came home to THIS in the mail! My boys are in LOVE, especially little eric!  I'm a member of BzzAgent.  I basically sign-up to try different/new products that are coming out.  Once the product arrives, we try it out & then share our opinions or 'buzz' about it.  I've been a member for YEARS, but this is the BEST one yet!  We already ambushed my husband when he got home from work.  The darts went SO fast!  We were laughing at his reaction & him trying to dodge the nerf bullets.  The boys then went upstairs and had a full out 'nerf gun' war!  I have two boys & only one of these so I will definitely have to purchase another!  This is just a great 'fun' toy for the boys to play with.  I even enjoyed chasing the kids myself & taking aim ;)

my sweet little eric being very 'shy' for the camera :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Surveys!

I decided to keep track of my earnings for the month of June.  Check out the list below:

Swagbucks: $35 Amazon Gift Cards, $40 in Walmart E-Gift Cards

Surveyhead: $50 Paypal, $50 Walmart E-Gift Card

E-Rewards: $25 Starbucks E-Gift Card

Acop: $11.30 Paypal

*Bonus: I've had such great luck with Surveyhead (now considered Ipoll).  Not only did I get to cash out for the above gift cards but I was invited to TWO separate surveys with additional payouts.  One survey paid me an additional $15 in Paypal & another survey paid me a $30 Amazon E Gift Card!  I was super excited because this is in addition to getting the regular 'points'.  

Total for the Month: $256.30!

Consignment: I randomly take items that we no longer use to the consignment shop in town. They split the cost with me 50/50.  I went in the other day & came out with $23 in cash! Just wanted to throw the idea out there, that although 'we' may not need it, someone else might.  It's a nice way to add a little bit of money.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Survey Fun!

I thought it would be fun to see what I can score in ONE month from doing surveys.  I started May 1st- May 31st.  Below is the list & what I 'earned'  for the Month of May.

Valued Opinions: 2 $20 Macy's Gift Cards

ACOP:  $35.45 Paypal

I-Say- $15 Paypal

Surveyhead- 2 $50 Paypal

Swagbucks- 5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards, $25 Paypal

Total: $240.45 in Gift Cards & Cash!

*For me Surveyhead which is now called Ipoll & Swagbucks are the easiest companies to make money with.  It's something you can do on your own time & most surveys you qualify for.