Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Farm Fresh - Sunday

Farm Fresh deals from this past Sunday.

*Note: Always check the Farm Fresh App before going.  As you can see, they offered $20 off when you spend $70 or more, FREE Banquet Dinner, and FREE Lipton Mix.  The Lipton Mix was already gone by the time I went Sunday.

Total: $75.86
After Coupons: $ 23.79

Items that were FREE:
2 - 3 Muskateer Packs
2 - Twix Packs
1 Banquet Dinner
2 Packages of Huggies Wipes
1 Saucers Beef Stew Mix
1 Mahatma Rice
2 - Vlasic Pickle Jars
2 - Air Wick Warmers

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Farm Fresh

I didn't really need anything from Farm Fresh but decided to run out and grab some freebies & cheap taco shells.

2 Dannon Yogurts - FREE
1 AirWick Warmer - FREE
3 Old El Paso Taco Shells - $1.00 for all three
2 Vlasic Pickle Jars - FREE
2 Musketeers Candy Packs - FREE

Total: $1.00 plus tax!


My Weekly Walgreens Deals!

*Prices below are after coupons & military discount. 

2 Gatorades - $2.54 (grabbed these for the boys' basketball games that day)
1 Playtex VentAire Bottle - $1.94
Twin Playtex Sippy Cups - $4.07
1 Playtex Sippy Cup - $1.09
2 Nestle Crunch Bars - .85 for BOTH

Total: $10.49 plus tax
Earned $6.75 through Ibotta (see below).
PLUS, I earned 4,000 Balance Rewards Points (Equivalent to $4 to spend in Walgreens) for spending over $20, BEFORE coupons. That's like getting all the ABOVE for FREE after Ibotta & Balance Rewards!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Farm Fresh Super Doubles!

Farm Fresh hosted a Super Doubles (Coupons up to $2 double) this past weekend.  I got a few good deals below:

Total: $116.80
After Coupons: $40.19!
Plus I'll get back $1 from CheckOut51

Total Spent: $2.00 Plus Tax
*turkey bacon & yogurt were part of the week/weekend freebies.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sunday's Trip.

A little late with posting the Farm Fresh deals I got this past Sunday. Prices are below the picture:

Gerber Baby Food - FREE
1 French's Mustard - FREE
4 Dannon Greek Yogurts - FREE
2 Boxes of Cheez-Its - $1.34 for both
2 Starburst Gum - FREE
2 Packages of Huggies Wipes - .97 each
1 Delmonte Fusions - Weekly Freebie (Look Below)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Farm Fresh

A couple of great deals & freebies.  Prices are listed below!

3 Packages of Keebler Cookies - $1 each
2 French Mustards - FREE
2 Dannon Greek Yogurt - FREE
1 V8 Splash Juice - FREE
1 Lipton Tea Bags - FREE
1 Lance Crackers - .50
3 Boxes of Mac N Cheese - $1.00 for ALL
2 Colgate ToothPaste - FREE
2 Gerber Baby Foods - FREE
2 Kraft Shredded Cheese - $1.00 each
1 Mars Good Bar - FREE (Farm Fresh Freebie ...See Below)

* If you haven't downloaded the Farm Fresh App, I highly suggest it.  They typically offer a Weekend Freebie with a Purchase of $10 plus an additional WEEKLY Freebie.  I usually shop on Sundays, so I can take advantage of BOTH Free Items, and also their Double Coupon up to $1 Sale.  The weekly freebies such as the Mars item below, you don't need to make a purchase, just go under coupons on your Farm Fresh App, and push that + sign, to add them to your coupons.  Every Friday they will release the Freebies, so tomorrow we will see what's free this weekend :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amazon: Free Gerber Pack!

Another great freebie that was posted on Hip2save a week ago!  I got this Gerber Pack in the MAIL for FREE from Amazon.com!!!  This offer is no longer valid, but they may offer it again in the future.  

Gerber Formula (we nurse & don't use this formula when I do supplement, but it's a GREAT Freebie to give to a local shelter for teen moms, etc).
Gerber Baby Bib
Months Tags for Babies! I personally LOVE these! I got a set for Keegan at JCP for Free too.
On the back of the month tags, you can right their 'happy moment' of the month.  A great keepsake for their baby book ;)